Candy Heart Generator

CANDY HEART GENERATOR. see s candy fundraiser flyer.

Candy Heart Generator

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  • Sweethearts are small heart-shaped candies sold around Valentine’s Day. Each heart is printed with a message such as “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, “Call Me”, and “Miss You”. Sweethearts are made by the New England Confectionery Company, or Necco.


  • A thing that generates something, in particular
  • An apparatus for producing gas, steam, or another product
  • an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas
  • someone who originates or causes or initiates something; “he was the generator of several complaints”
  • A dynamo or similar machine for converting mechanical energy into electricity
  • engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

candy heart generator

candy heart generator – Barbie I

Barbie I Left My Heart in San Francisco See's Candies Special Edition – 2001
Barbie I Left My Heart in San Francisco See's Candies Special Edition - 2001
Barbie doll visits San Francisco and See’s Candies and Falls In Love!
Little has changed over the decades since Charles A. See, a pharmacist turned chocolate salesman, founded See’s Candies in 1921.
The sparkling clean black & white shop you visit today is like stepping back in time.
This Barbie doll’s ensemble takes you back in time as well, to an era of elegance when details were everything.
Her chic satiny jacket cinched at the waist tops the full, long skirt for the look of the decade.
A fabulous faux fur hat with its sophisticated netting is perched upon her head.
Her hair is smoothed into a stylish chignon.
And, of course, the cuffs at her delicate wrists match her hat.
Gloves, handbag, and goldtone jewelry are the just-so accessories.
She is impeccably dressed, perfect for a visit to the beautiful City by the Bay with its hills, cable cars, and a song that sings its praises.
Your invited to celebrate a very special day with BarbieĀ®
Exquisite Limited Edition See’s Candies Barbie Doll
Commemorates 50 years of Barbie fashion, glamour and inspired dreams
Impeccable makeup and beautiful hair
Window box – perfect way to showcase the doll for the adult collector
Recommended for ages 12 and up
Measures approx. 10-12/”L x 5″W x 12″H

February 12th, 2010

February 12th, 2010
Physics was pretty interesting today. Mr.Chen brought out this electromagnetic proton generator or something & had kids hold on to the sphere as he turned it on. Supposedly the person’s hair was suppose to stand straight up & all ways, but it only worked on one girl. It’s B2’s birthday today so the guys made tees w/ a picture of B2 in a dumb pose and wrote "Happy Birthday Ching Chong!!!" on the back. hahaha. So homo. lol. Made Valentine’s Day rice crispy treats for cooking today. Everyone got a big heart while I got 2 bears. Decorated them as cute as I could and gave one to Carmen & one to Kathryn during passing & lunch; well Jofung gave it to them b/c he insisted so much upon it, but @ least they knew I made it for them. hahaha. While we were out filming for Film class; Jofung, Raymond, Christian, & I discovered these two insects connected by the butt & walking around together connected. They were totally conjoined no matter how many times Jofung flipped them, well until Jofung broke them apart w/ a stick. lol. Bored i guess, Jofung just took pics of me during the rest of Film class w/ my DSLR. haha. During lunch, LPA was kind enough to make little bags of candy w/ one of those little valentines cards you buy as a kid for NR; too cute. :]. haha. During 6th period Econ, someone bought a sonnet to be read to Mr.Lau during class, which was pretty awkward. lol.

After school, met up w/ everyone @ South Courts for B2’s surprise birthday thing. Along the way to Sinbala, a Taiwanese restaurant in Arcadia, we saw Bleaker & Veronica in the car driving down Huntington. Naturally Joanne was trying to yell across the two cars to talk to them while driving. -_-". lol. Got to Sinbala early, but not everyone was there yet so Joanne, J Kwan, & I went to the Asian supermarket next door to look for some weird Asian products. Sure enough, we find prepackaged, vacuum sealed balls of meat on a stick in the candy/snacks aisle. lol. Went back to the restaurant & everyone was already seated. B2 came & got surprised then we all ordered b/c everyone was starving. Got minced meat dry noodles. :]. Food was tasty, but I was no where near full so I ate half of Shirley’s plate & a bowl of Jacky’s food. lol. While Jason literally cleaned his plate of every single grain of rice; it was spotless. hahaha. After everyone ate, we sang happy birthday & gave him his cake which said "Fuck You Chino" and had toothpicks & boba straws instead of candles. LOL! Jennie got him a playboy magazine & Hirata was just checking that shit out as everyone was eating cake. haha. Went to Jacky’s house after & just chilled for the rest of the night. For some reason there was a big bag of bread on the floor in the middle of nowhere. lol. As I was getting dropped off @ home, Valley was already being converted for the Lunar Festival tomorrow & traffic was already building up. -_-". Saw a Evo IX wagon too; so weird. haha.

Estoy Tan Vacio Sin Ti

Estoy Tan         Vacio Sin Ti
I really need to get out more.